A graduate in Media Theory and History, Psychology and Economics, he is a practitioner and trainer of Body-Mind Centering® and a teacher in the School for Body Mind Centering® accredited programs in France, Germany and Italy. As an Infant Developmental Movement Educator (or IDME) and a practitioner and therapist of the Jeremy Krauss Approach® (JKA), Thomas focuses on mentoring and supporting families and children with disabilities.

Career Path:
Thomas Greil is a certified practitioner and teacher of Body-Mind Centering®.
A therapist and trainer in movement education in the developmental age, he has deepened the study of child neuromotor development with particular regard to children with disabilities. Over the years, he has developed his approach to somatic re-education for people of all ages, from infants to adults, based on the methodological foundation of BMC®. He also got certified in 2021 as a practitioner and therapist of the “Jeremy Krauss Approach,” a somatic rehabilitation technique that applies the principles of the Feldenkrais method in the field of neuro-developmental disorders.
In 2019, with colleague Anka Sedlackova, she created the project “Making Connections – BMC and Diversability” aimed at families, caregivers and rehabilitation professionals with the purpose of facilitating the acquisition of tools for reading and understanding movement, and expanding the possibilities for dialogue and interaction between all people involved in the constellation of care.
After graduating from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with a degree in Media Theory and History, Psychology and Economics, Thomas turned to the study of complementary medicine and earned the German national diploma of Heilpraktiker (health care provider). After training at the School for Body Mind Centering® in the United States, he became a teacher in accredited programs in France (www.soma-france.org), Germany (www.moveus.de) and Italy (www.lebensnetz.it), where he continues to work as a trainer and pedagogical coordinator.
Between 2012 and 2014, he collaborated in Paris with the experimental school MAIA for autistic children and adolescents, introducing Body-Mind Centering in individual therapeutic accompaniment programs, alongside sports and dance practices (like contact-improvisation).
Between 2013 and 2015, with the association SOMA she co-directed the European project SPARKS (Somatic Practices, Arts and Creativity for Special Needs).
He has been a guest teacher in the postgraduate diploma program of the School of Kinesiology/Faculty of Arts of the Universidad Mayor of Santiago, Chile (Diplomado en Salud del Cuerpo en Movimiento, 2013-2014) and at choreographic training centers in France (Transforme/Royaumont, Direction M. Gourfink, 2012-2013).
He regularly participates in the work of the Forum “Io, Tu, Noi”, organized by Gloria Desideri in Tuscania (VT) and is the author of articles on the application of the somatic approach to disorders in the autism spectrum, starting from the experience gained in MAIA, and the work of observation of neuromotor development in childhood.

Thomas Greil is a disciplined professional under Act 4/2013