The somatic approach to sensorimotor development in early childhood can be defined as an original pedagogy of movement observation that allows parents to refine the gestures of relationship with children, and to create the most appropriate conditions to accompany their growth.

Positioning, moving, touching, creating a stimulating and safe environment, recognizing and helping physiological rhythms, choosing toys…are all part of the first affective and social interactions with the newborn, and are reflected in their acquisition of motor and cognitive skills.

A sensitive understanding of the child’s developmental changes makes it possible to perceive his or her expressed and unexpressed potential, and to facilitate the gradual maturation of new abilities without anticipating them but encouraging their autonomous emergence through the modulation of appropriate stimuli.

The purpose of the meetings is to provide listening and support for the needs of a child and their family. The practitioner offers his experience to accompany the educational choices to support a functional and effective communication, and to recognize any early signs of distress in the process of psychophysical, cognitive and emotional development.