Dancer and scholar of somatic practices and philosophies, Carla Bottiglieri is a teacher and practitioner of Body-Mind Centering® and a practitioner of Rolfing®/Structural Integration.

Dancer and scholar of somatic practices and philosophies, Carla Bottiglieri graduated in Aesthetics at the Faculty of Classical Literature of the University of Salerno in 1998 and continued her studies in France with a Master in Performing Arts at the Dance Department of the University of Paris 8.
Her choreographic training is marked by encounters with the work of artists such as Lucia Latour, Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson and Claudia Castellucci.
The teaching of Hubert Godard, a specialist in the disciplines of functional and expressive movement analysis, introduced her to the study of somatic education practices, of which she explored different approaches: the Feldenkrais method, Ideokinesis, and Continuum.
In 2003, she undertook the training in Body-Mind Centering®, graduating as a Somatic Movement Educator (Somatic Movement Educator, 2006) and Infant Developmental Movement Educator (Infant Developmental Movement Educator, 2007), Practitioner (Practitioner, 2010), and BMC® Teacher (Teacher, 2019).
In 2016, she became a Rolfing®/Structural Integration practitioner, in the training program directed by Hubert Godard and France Hatt-Arnold at AFRIS in Geneva (CH).
The research on materials and imagery of the gesture has gradually extended to an investigation on the “uses of bodies” and contemporary processes of subjectification.
In France, Carla was part of the university team “Soma&Po: somatiques, esthétiques, politiques” founded at the Dance department of the University Paris 8 (2010-2014) and to the initiative of several action-research projects, seminars and publications on somatic culture in the twentieth century.
From 2008 to 2012, with a project funded by Sidaction (association for AIDS research), she collaborated with groups and associations of people with HIV or AIDS to experiment with body awareness practices as a complementary resource in therapeutic contexts. In this area, research has extended to the analysis of the aesthetic, clinical and political dimensions of somatic theories and practices in their encounter with paradigms of care in social and health institutions.
With the association SOMA, founded in Paris in 2006 together with Thomas Greil, she curated the European project SPARKS (Somatic Practices, Art and Creativity for Special Needs) between 2013 and 2015.
She has been a guest teacher in licensure and master’s programs in dance at the University of Paris 8, Nice/Sophia Antipolis, Stockholm/DOCH, Santiago del Cile/Universidad Mayor, and lectured at choreographic training and research centers, such as PACAP/Forum Dança in Lisbon, the Contredanse association in Brussels, and the Manufacture/Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale, in Lausanne.
As a dancer-performer and choreography assistant she has worked with artists and companies in France, Italy and Ireland, in the creation of the shows of Michele Di Stefano’s “Società delle Acque” (1992-1997), Lucia Latour’s “Anihccam” (1995-1996), “Spinstren” (2003) and “The White Quadrangle” (2005) by Jools Gilson, “Nerone” (2006) by Kinkaleri, “L’École du Rythme” (2011) by Claudia Castellucci, “À mon seul désir” (2015) by Gaëlle Bourges.
She has a long association with the Ueinzz theater company in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is currently collaborating with dancers and choreographers Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad (BodyCartographyProject) on dramaturgical research for the project A Collection of Fluid Spaces, at the National Medical Museum in Oslo:

Carla Bottiglieri is a disciplined professional under the law 4/2013